Performance Bundle: The Little Red Hen


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Musical Title: The little red hen

Storyline Brief:

The Little Red Hen finds a bag of grain; and decides to bake a loaf of bread with it. But wait! First she has to plant the seeds, grow the maize, harness the maize and make other preparations before baking! She thinks she needs help! But who will help her? The Cat? The Dog? The Pig?

This musical is about teamwork, effort and working hard to achieve and enjoy the fruits of our labor.

Suitable for Actors: 4 Years Old – 99 Years Old

Suitable for Audience: 3 Years Old – 99 Years Old

Standard Character List:

  • Red Hen
  • Cat
  • Dog
  • Pig

Number of Songs in Musical: Three

Song Titles & Brief Descriptions:

  1. A Bag of Grains!
  2. I’m So Lazy
  3. So Delicious

Number of Worksheets Provided in Bundle: Two

Worksheet One: Coloring Worksheet!

Worksheet Two: Character Cut-Outs for Story Maze!

Musical Poster: Provided: Standard Template

Format: PDF, PNG, JPG, SVG

* Storyline, Script, Song Lyrics, Character List, Costume Suggestions are All Editable. You are welcome to tweak/make changes to your purchased Performance Bundle to fit your needs, independently. All musical songs are standard, no musical scores/sheet music will be provided. Editable poster via Canva is available upon request (free access and use).

** This is a One-Time End-User License defined as: To be used by a class, a school, or an arts group in one country. Not to be re-sold (no reseller license available). End-User may repackage (white label) the performance bundle for its own use.



—- Performance Bundles?

Are you wanting to put on a class or school performance? Have you figured out your school’s year-end graduation performance?

Or would you like to direct and produce your very own musical, selling tickets to the public? Why not purchase one of our Performance Bundles; and spend your time worrying ONLY on the casting, directing and all other logistical needs?

What are the Performance Bundles? Performance Bundles are performing sets that include;

* Script (Lines, Character Description, Scene Description)
* Costume Suggestion List
* Music/Song: with Voice & Instrumental/Minus One
* Song Lyrics
* Two Worksheets, if you want your audience to participate in a after-event workshop or activity
* Standard Poster (PDF/PNG/JPG/SVG)

Additional Info
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