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Musical Title: blue the cat

Storyline Brief:

In a neighborhood where many stray cats live, Mother cat gives birth to a unique kitten; a blue cat. The others see him and run away. Mother cat names her baby, Blue.

Blue grows up without a friend, having been rejected by the others. His only companion is his Mother. One day, the Stray Animal Controller catches a few of the strays. They scream for help… but who will be brave enough to help them?

Will Blue save them? Find your courage, Blue!

Suitable for Actors: 6 Years Old – 99 Years Old

Suitable for Audience: 5 Years Old – 99 Years Old

Standard Character List:

  • Blue the Cat
  • Mother Cat
  • Street Cats
  • Stray Animal Controller

Number of Songs in Musical: Three

Song Titles & Brief Descriptions:

  1. I Love You
  2. I Want To Be Happy
  3. You Are Different

Number of Worksheets Provided in Bundle: Two

Worksheet One: Maze Exercise! Help Blue Find His Mummy! (Maze, Coloring Worksheet)

Worksheet Two: Creative Drawing & Coloring! Draw Friends for Blue the Cat in the Square Boxes.

Musical Poster: Provided: Standard Template

Format: PDF, PNG, JPG, SVG

* Storyline, Script, Song Lyrics, Character List, Costume Suggestions are All Editable. You are welcome to tweak/make changes to your purchased Performance Bundle to fit your needs, independently. All musical songs are standard, no musical scores/sheet music will be provided. Editable poster via Canva is available upon request (free access and use).

** This is a One-Time End-User License defined as: To be used by a class, a school, or an arts group in one country. Not to be re-sold (no reseller license available). End-User may repackage (white label) the performance bundle for its own use. 



—- Performance Bundles?

Are you wanting to put on a class or school performance? Have you figured out your school’s year-end graduation performance?

Or would you like to direct and produce your very own musical, selling tickets to the public? Why not purchase one of our Performance Bundles; and spend your time worrying ONLY on the casting, directing and all other logistical needs?

What are the Performance Bundles? Performance Bundles are performing sets that include;

* Script (Lines, Character Description, Scene Description)
* Costume Suggestion List
* Music/Song: with Voice & Instrumental/Minus One
* Song Lyrics
* Two Worksheets, if you want your audience to participate in a after-event workshop or activity
* Standard Poster (PDF/PNG/JPG/SVG)

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